Beauty and Function

Maybe there’s a connection between beauty and function. The architects among you will have a field day.   To set up my days, I use the Pomodoro Technique. I’ve tried other techniques before that involved timing myself, but I never kept them up. This technique forced me to buy a wind-up timer, and when I bought a wind-up timer, I bought… Read more →


As the political drama is growing to a fever pitch, I’m starting to realize that politics is everywhere. Especially on social media. I just started my second week in my wonderful new job as social media manager of a wonderful organization. I couldn’t be happier. But no matter where you go, politics are involved. My recommendation: don’t let the politics… Read more →

One Millennial user is skeptical of the "new" Google+

What Do We Expect from the “New” Google+?

Google+ has relaunched today with a new mission to show you “the stuff you’re into and the people who get you.” That’s according to the official Google+ post about the relaunch. Simplifying matters, Re/Code has dubbed the new platform “Pinterest meets Reddit.” It’s telling that Google (or Alphabet or “The Supreme Being” or “Oz the Great and Powerful”) would even… Read more →


Millennial Causes

BuzzFeed returns to SXSW! According to Re/Code, the festival has now promised to devote a full day to grappling with the problem of online harassment, and, perhaps in response, BuzzFeed has decided to return to the event this year after all. As BuzzFeed has become a leader in online journalism, does this mean a triumph for cause-related business? It’s too… Read more →

Host Amanda Seales, backstage.

Let the Mashies Teach You How to Use Periscope and Snapchat

ICYMI, the world’s preeminent digital-only marketing award ceremony happened last night in New York City. As opposed to some award shows, the Mashies is quick-and-dirty, and whether they like it or not, it’s run by and for almost exclusively by millennials. At least it used to be. “We are no longer creating digital campaigns for digital’s sake,” said CMO Stacy Martinet in… Read more →

Arbys Sends Positive Message to Jon Stewart

How Arbys Used Jon Stewart’s Comedy to Make Millennial Marketing Fun

Everyone misses Jon Stewart. Even his enemies. This October, Fortune’s Beth Kowitt spoke with Arbys CMO Rob Lynch about Jon Stewart’s satirical campaign against the sandwich chain and how he dealt with it. “I think your first instinct is to be defensive,” he said. “We work really hard and we take a lot of pride in our food and in… Read more →

Millennials Less Religious?

Them Crooked Millennials?

This morning, Pew published a study on religion in America, citing in particular a drop in religious activities and beliefs among millennials. A handful of organizations have picked up this story, some almost to the point of panic, so I’d just like to make a few points that don’t seem to be getting play: Keep in mind, the study isn’t… Read more →